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    KCON 2014 Lineup - 3/?

    Bangtan Boys | ©

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  5. partybarackisinthehousetonight:

    when he calls you first ♡

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  6. add me on the kim k hollywood game



  7. suitelife-ondick:

    "post a selfie"

  8. emotionalshxwty:

    don’t throw shade next time


  9. no1currwhore:

    Me when i bought that boutique called “So Chic” before that slut willow

  10. theshitneyspears:

    when you reach a new level in Kim Kardashian:Hollywood


  11. sailor-bruno-mars:

    *leaves in the middle of our date to punch birds for energy*

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  14. aldazzz:

    The best part about waking up is having full energy on Kim Kardashian Hollywood


    1. what she says: react to backdrop image
    2. what she means: look at your nails